Your child's first swear

This post is going to be short and sweet, like my 'innocent ' little lady.

'Like butter wouldn't melt' 

'Like butter wouldn't melt' 

Just look at her up above, the picture of innocence. Bella and I spent the day together doing the usual; running a few errands, shopping, cleaning, playing with blocks, reading books and of course: watching the Gruffallo for the millionth time.    


Now she doesn't call it the Gruffallo, she has an amazing vocabulary for a little lady but 'the Gruffallo' is a step too far. She calls it .....'Mouse', after all it's about a mouse isn't it?  

So today she told me she wanted 'Snake!' While pointing at the TV. 'what is 'snake?'', I thought to myself. The only thing with a snake is the Gruffallo.  

"Do you mean 'mouse'?", I enquired.  

"Yesssss!! Mouse ....and Snake!", she replied.  

'Ok!?', I thought to myself. I can deal with these new code words.  

Then program was playing and as I was washing up in the kitchen I heard "Owllll" being screamed from the siting room. (Another new word to add to her vocabulary) 

So that's 2 new words today. Owl and Snake.

'Surely she can say fox too', I thought to myself. 

Boy am I sorry I asked.....  

So you might think, like I did, just don't reinforce it. Every time she says it you say 'Yay!! foXXX' 

So out we went to collect Ben from after school and having run into the shop to grab some fairy liquid in the way. Just as we got to the till Bella decided to remind my about her new word. Over and over and over. Except there was no snake this time. No owl this time.

Just "Daaaaa!!!!  FOX FOX FOX"

*except she wasn't saying 'Fox' if you know what I mean

Lets just say that the lady behind the till found it rather amusing and didn't share my 'let's not reinforce her pronounciation of the word fox' ideals. 

So have your little ones ever embarrassed you with their 'newly found words?' let me know in the comments.