#childseyeview number 2 - the little mans picture

One Hull of a Mum (‪http://www.onehullofamum.co.uk) started a new #linky recently called #childseyeview where you get your kids to take a picture and you get their view on life. A few weeks ago I showed you Bellas first selfie, this week, its Ben's turn.

A few days ago I handed my phone to the little man and told him to take photos of whatever he wanted, i got; baby monitors, his tablet, framed photos on the mantelpiece, pictures of part of an ornament and then the following should up in my camera roll......


Ben with chewing gum on his face

I asked Ben about it and he said it was a 'chewing gum mustache' selfie.

So, what have I learned from this?

  • Bella takes better selfies
  • Ben thinks you grow a mustache on the brow of your nose
  • 7 year olds are a bit mad
  • He's definitely my kid
  • #badlyplacedchewinggummustacheselfie could be a thing (in a weird alternate reality)
  • oh, and my child really shouldnt be left alone with chewing gum
  • or a camera