Bloggers and Christmas

I'm a f**kin' Scrooge. (No, not really). I love Christmas.

But Christmas is 'at Christmas'.


Early Xmas makes me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!! 😡 


I wrote a post last year about putting up your tree, spurned on by neighbours who seemed to start their Christmas in November. This year I'm a blogger and it's already started!!! (Christmas preparations that is)


Look I'm all up for festivities but like most people by the time my family has been torn apart arguing over the rules to a new board game, full of 'liquid festive cheer'


I am no longer 'festive', I'm slightly drunk, full of turkey (and the 'wind' that follows) and yearning to just 'get back to normal'; no more 'visiting' or being 'visited', no more fecking boxes of sweets for breakfast, buying last minute 'passable gifts' in a late night chemists or accepting cheap packs of jocks from Santa.  It's after dinner on the 25th of December, the presents have been given and accepted (some begrudgingly), Christmas is officially done in my head. It's time for that lull. The 'endless Sunday' that is the the time between Christmas and New Years (don't even get me started on that sham of a day/night) now has to be endured.


Get to the point. What are you saying Daddy Poppins?


Well I'm saying that Christmas is on the 25th of December between about around 7/8am and 3/4pm, anyone who says different is taking shite.


These people who try start it earlier are all about the C word. Nope not Christmas itself. The other one. The bad C word. The one that 'sounds like runt'.


Sidenote: This is a great way to win at a game of charades in which I've made the answers after my Christmas cheer is gone. 


 Sidenote 2: Don't ask me to do charades answers after my Christmas cheer is gone.


Anyway I digress, did you know that 'blogger Christmas' starts now?


"I'm doing Blogmas"

"Really, F off!!"


"Would you like to be considered for my Xmas gift guide?"

Translation: I'd like to set up the receiving of free shit for Christmas

"It's bloody September"


"Are you going to Xmas Blog on?"

"Is it happening on the 25th of December, cos I'm busy doing the whole Santa thing then eating lots, drinking, watching crap films and fighting with my family"

The Poppins clan after Christmas dinner

The Poppins clan after Christmas dinner

"No, it's on now"

"In September? The kids are only back in bloody school"

"Yeah but PRs are planning for Christmas"


As you can probably tell I've a bit of an issue with the commercialism of Christmas (or the 'holiday season' as it's now called: no point alienating the other major religions when you're trying to sell your product eh?). 

Last year, new to blogging, I wrote about it starting in late November and it even got me a second Christmas piece in the journal, but this year I'm officially 'a blogger', if I knew it meant Christmas started even earlier I dunno if I'd have ever started this journey.


"But what will you write about at Christmas, if you aren't contacting PRs now?"

"Who bloody knows?!"

"I might give in but not in September!!"

No, like, seriously, is this ‘planning Christmas in September’ honestly the norm or have you bloggers all pooled together to wind me up?
— Daddy Poppins


"Wait a second, Daddy Poppins!! Aren't you actually writing about Christmas now?"

"Mmmmmmmmm, Ok, yes, I am"

"In September"

"Don't rub it in, I've already cursed way too many times in this blog"


So what exactly is your point?


Well, Christmas is early enough, stop making 6 months out of 6 hours. Look I understand the concpet of being prepared (I was a scout as a kid) and so I'll play along a bit so I'm not sitting twiddling my thumbs in December wondering why I hadn't approached PRs about bloody gift guides and the like but honestly it's really breaking me doing it in September

So with that in mind....


Yup. I've sold out.

*Although you'll notice there's no mention of Christmas in my #Prrequest (that's my get out clause)

(No I didn't say 'Claus')

I'm the Iggy pop of the radical dad blogger world. So with that in mind if your are looking for an honest review or unique (see above*) blogger to collaborate with then hit me up at

I don't always curse but do provide 'content that stands out'


Just don't tell anyone I broke this early OK?

Press retweet and share this then look into this little red light


DISCLAIMER: Please note that this blog should be taken with a pinch of salt, actually scratch that, enough salt to induce instant kidney failure, although Daddy Poppins is a grumpy old shite, he still accepts that the whole month of December is in fact 'Christmas'. Lets agree to wait till after Halloween at least, eh lads and ladies?

Waiting for my child to fall asleep (in Meme form)

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The Bear: I'll kill you!!

Daddy Poppins: (pauses think 'what did I do?') What?

The Bear: I just sat in pee!!

Daddy Poppins: (*kind of remembers stumbling round in the dark last night trying to find the toilet and 'letting fly' in hope, waiting to hear the porcelain or water sound rather than feel the splash of warm liquid in his shins) Your own pee or someone else's? (He bravely ventures)

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What I've learned from watching Boss Baby 3 times a day for a over a month..

  • My second child went to baby business school too 
  • My little Boss Baby loves Boss Baby
  • It might be repetitive but it gives you an hour to get shit done
  • If you watch too much Boss Baby you will ponder the correlation between the cuteness of babies and dogs
  • You'll get tired of Boss Bay before your child will
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But boy was I wrong!!

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Kids TV for Adults

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Social media does that though, doesn't it? No one shares a photo of an apprehensive child, no one shares a photo of the child that didn't want to race

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Daddy Blogger Challenge with MandM Direct

How much can you save with MandM Direct?

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She’ll come home from the shops with something and ask my opinion and I’ll say, “That’s nice, was it expensive?” and she actually won’t know. Now, I’m not talking about the whole ‘pretending not to know, conveniently lost the receipt and tags, its more expensive than a small car’ kind of ‘I don’t know’ but that …..she just doesn’t know. As for me, I’ll know how much something is in 2 or 3 different shops. I get a buzz off saving money. Hmmmm maybe she’s onto something and I am slightly ‘Scroogey’ after all.

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