Illumibowl - Review and Giveaway

So Daddy Poppins is mid school run; the sink is full of dishes, the breakfast is in full flow, the dog is going ballistic at the the patio door window at some birds in the back garden and Daddy Poppins is regretting his late night gaming and craft beer session with every second that passes. Then a shriek from upstairs cuts through the breakfast melee....

The Bear: I'll kill you!!

Daddy Poppins: (pauses think 'what did I do?') What?

The Bear: I just sat in pee!!

Daddy Poppins: (*kind of remembers stumbling round in the dark last night trying to find the toilet and 'letting fly' in hope, waiting to hear the porcelain or water sound rather than feel the splash of warm liquid in his shins) Your own pee or someone else's? (He bravely ventures)

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What I've learned from watching Boss Baby (repetitively)

What I've learned from watching Boss Baby 3 times a day for a over a month..

  • My second child went to baby business school too 
  • My little Boss Baby loves Boss Baby
  • It might be repetitive but it gives you an hour to get shit done
  • If you watch too much Boss Baby you will ponder the correlation between the cuteness of babies and dogs
  • You'll get tired of Boss Bay before your child will
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Carlow Delta Sensory Gardens Review

As expected it took about an hour to get there from Waterford. I must admit my first impression was "This is the best Carlow has to offer?" Now, granted I had only pulled up in the carpark and was very HANGRY!! it was 2pm and I hadn't eaten yet. Essentially it appeared to be a tourist gimmick in a garden centre in a run down industrial estate!!As expected it took about an hour to get there from Waterford. I must admit my first impression was "This is the best Carlow has to offer?" Now, granted I had only pulled up in the carpark and was very HANGRY!! it was 2pm and I hadn't eaten yet. Essentially it appeared to be a tourist gimmick in a garden centre in a run down industrial estate!!

But boy was I wrong!!

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Kids TV for Adults

Don't worry I'm not going all educational on you. I'm talking about kids shows so good that you'd watch them without the kids.

So when they've bored you to tears with the likes of; Peppa Pig, Tellytubbies, Postman Pat and Paw Patrol you should try wean them onto this list of Daddy Poppins favorite kids shows (for adults). These cartoons will keep both parents and kids interested (with plenty of adult humour that will fly over their heads and give you a good chuckle). I've picked these shows from whats currently available on TV before you guys start screaming about your childhood favourite. So without further adieu, let's list these bad boys.

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Should we rethink school sports days?

Being a stay at home dad and dad blogger I'm part of many Facebook dad groups and parenting Instagram communities and it's clear to me that as schools wind down for their summer breaks that this is 'Sports Day Season'. I see all the lovely pictures of kids racing and holding up medals. Lovely, smiley, happy kids.

Social media does that though, doesn't it? No one shares a photo of an apprehensive child, no one shares a photo of the child that didn't want to race

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Daddy Blogger Challenge with MandM Direct

How much can you save with MandM Direct?

I’ve recently quit work to become a stay at home dad (as regular readers of my blog will know). To be able to afford this we’ve had to tighten our belts, quite a bit. Now I’ve always been a bargain hunter (or ‘a real Scrooge’ as my wife would probably describe it) but I have used this to my advantage since becoming a stay at home dad. I see it as a skill, saving money.

She’ll come home from the shops with something and ask my opinion and I’ll say, “That’s nice, was it expensive?” and she actually won’t know. Now, I’m not talking about the whole ‘pretending not to know, conveniently lost the receipt and tags, its more expensive than a small car’ kind of ‘I don’t know’ but that …..she just doesn’t know. As for me, I’ll know how much something is in 2 or 3 different shops. I get a buzz off saving money. Hmmmm maybe she’s onto something and I am slightly ‘Scroogey’ after all.

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When did you turn into your mother?

I recently wrote a post about how I had turned into my mother and received a great response from it. Apparently we've all turned into our parents at some stage in the past (if you haven't don't worry, or actually do worry, there's still time).

Most of us seem to have come to the same conclusion over a phrase that we heard in the past being uttered by ourselves, so I put it out there to the parent blogger community and this is what they had to say....

Daddy Poppins asks...... 'When did you know you had turned into your mother/father?'


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10 for 10 Blogger award

I have been nominated for the 10 for 10 blogger award by One Hull of a Mum, One Hull of a Dad (yes, they ganged up on me) and Lycrawidow.  If you click on their names you will be transported magically via the wonder of t'interwebs to their posts for 10 for 10. Look I'm sure this is just a tag they've stuck the word 'award' on to make you feel special and actually do it. Other words wheres my trophy eh?

They call it 10 for 10 because you ask 10 people to name 10 celebrities/famous people that they would like to get Jiggy with or invite to dinner.

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I would like to thank Cheryl from Mummy of 5 miracles for creating this tag. Firstly, she is great, I love her honest reviews and the way she doesn’t take life seriously (bar how seriously she takes being the best mother she can be). It’s clear from her blog and the way she is that her family mean the world to her and I’m sure the feeling is reciprocated. I’ve no doubt she’s a wonderful mam and if you haven’t read her posh chicken recipe then do so, (it’s not your normal recipe). Secondly, I think she’s come up with a really great idea with this tag and the fact that she thought of it as a way to instil confidence in others through praise and honesty (about what she perceives to be her own flaws) shows what a kind hearted person she is.. We’ve chatted on twitter (you can catch her here) and always had good fun and #bantz (as the kids say) but I never knew she enjoyed my blog. I honestly thought we’d just ended up in the same ‘twitter tribe’ and that was it. If this tag hadn’t been created I’d never have known that she loved my blog. It really made my day.

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I've turned into my Mother

I read an article previously that said you turn into your mother by the age of 27. Now granted this ‘article’ (and I use the term very very loosely) was probably in one of the various women’s magazines I buy my wife to stay in the good books (by keeping her up to her neck in celebrity gossip, instead of thinking up jobs for me to do).

I’m 37, a full 10 years off but it has definitely happened. I don’t know why its taken me an extra 10 years, maybe its because ….I’m a man? maybe its because 30 is the new 20 (again women’s magazines told me this) who knows! Maybe its because I secretly* read women’s magazines (also white jeans are making a comeback in summer 2017, but that’s a story for another day).

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Grumpy resting face

We've all heard of 'Bitchy Resting Face', well apparently I've got 'Grumpy Resting Face'

There's nothing worse is there? You know what I mean. You're doing your thing (reading, on your phone or watching the TV) and suddenly the conversation goes like this...

"What's up with you?"

"Me? Nothing"

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