brush-baby dental products #review

When I get approached by a company to review a product my first questions are usually:

1. Is it something we need?

2. Does it fit with my brand? (yes, I think Daddy Poppins is a brand, don't worry this makes me laugh as well)

3. Is it something I can honestly review?

4. Can I make the review interesting?

So when the people at Brush Baby contacted me to see if I'd review their dental products I thought I can definitely answer yes to the first 3.

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Giggle Wiggle by John Adams Toys Review

Kids these days seem to have their heads stuck in their tablets and screens (and while I think technology for the most part is great for society) it seems to me to be generally a solitary pursuit (there's no face to face social interaction or comradery involved).

I long for the times of; going outside to kick a ball around, tag, stuck in the mud, tip the can oh and of course family board games! (even the Christmas Day ones when it can become a bit dicey)

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Fenor Playground Waterford Review

So where is Fenor? and why should you visit it's playground?

Well, Fenor is situated in County Waterford, about 5 minutes drive from Dunhill and 10 minutes drive from Tramore. (its about 15 minutes from my front door). Theres a handy map below

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Trunkaroo box review

We were asked to #review a monthly creativity box from the lovely people at Trunkaroo. 

Now I don't know about you but I loved getting stuff in the post as a child; What is it? Who's sending something to me? It's a big box!! What could be inside? (Nowadays it's generally bills so I'm not quite as thrilled). My little man seems to have inherited the same 'excited about the post' gene. 


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DC Super Friends Power Punch Batman Review

A lot of superhero toys are made for older kids with hard plastic edges so when I first saw this product I though brilliant, less bangs and bumps. Ben has been taking it to be with him something you definitely can’t do with a normal action figure. This toy is recommended for ages 10 months and up. I say ‘and up’ because I’d hate to put an upper limit on it, I love it and I’m 37!!

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In the Night Garden Baby range - Daddy and Bella review

So, I was recently asked to review these toys and because at 16 months old my little lady has taken a sudden interest in the program I said yes straight away. (*Disclaimer, I was given these toys free for the purpose of the review)

So what is cool about these toys?  Lets start with Bella’s favourite… Igglepiggle In the Night Garden Baby Soft Toy or ‘PIG’ or ‘PIGGLE’ as she manages to call him.

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